Great Clown Portraits Are Just The Beginning!!!!

Hello Everyone,

Art Studio Revamp is in full swing…

Across from the hole in the tent in the opposite corner is where my Balloon Sales Team is located.

The main salesman is Shorty with his sweet expression he will sell you a balloon. The balloon are all above him.  On the adjacent wall is Bob he has been promoted to sales manager so he is just standing there watching Shorty work.

This is how my mind works I come up with little stories for my images.

Here are photos of the painting  progression of this part of the art studio redesign…. I will follow this post with one that contains the videos that were shot during the painting of this section.

2016-07-10 21.37.30

2016-07-10 21.37.44 2016-07-10 21.37.57 2016-07-10 21.37.47


2016-07-11 00.35.06

2016-07-11 00.34.55

2016-07-13 02.03.15 2016-07-19 01.58.49

2016-07-20 01.08.01

2016-07-20 01.08.30

2016-07-22 02.18.16

2016-07-22 02.18.32

2016-07-22 02.18.40

2016-07-22 02.18.44

2016-07-22 02.18.58

2016-07-23 00.03.24

2016-07-23 00.03.54

2016-07-23 01.08.49

2016-07-23 01.09.02

2016-07-23 01.09.16

2016-09-29-02-40-00 2016-09-29-02-41-27 2016-09-29-02-41-44 2016-09-29-02-54-27

I still need to touch up and clean up the trim area and I made add gold accents to the Elephant pad under Shorty but for the most part this is done.

Next is the creation of the Madalin around my fan – the changing out of the fan to a more colorful option and the actual design of the big circular madalin around my fan with a circus theme.

Love ya all

Patty Sue O’Hair-Vicknair

Clown artist to the world.

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