Great Clown Portraits Are Just The Beginning!!!!

Where to buy Patty’s artwork?

I have been asked by many to post some links  and info so it will be easy to find where to buy my artwork.

Everything I paint is for sale, unless otherwise stated.  Some paintings have sold so the original is no longer available.  However I own the copyright to all my work and I have everything professionally scanned so that prints can be made.

If you choose to go directly through me you can either call  me directly 479-601-5277 or email me or connect through Facebook Facebook Fan Page  or through contacting me here on my blog or Google Plus  (search for Patty Vicknair Artist or follow the link to the side of this post).

Buying directly from me has its advantages. I include a Certificate of Authenticity with each original and with all giclee prints.  I sign each and every image personally and I take extra care to ship the original or print to you safe and sound.

Prints can be purchased in a variety of sizes and on a variety of surfaces from metal print, acrylic print, canvas print  and several options for fine art paper prints. Price varies depending on the particulars of what your wanting.

Clown paper prints direct from the Artist (me)

I will order a print from my printer and provide a signed Certificate of Authenticity along with signing the painting. Your cost will be determined by the size you want + shipping to your location.

Prints on Fine Art Paper
9 X 12 = $45.00
11 x 14 = $65.00
16 X 20 = $116.00

Canvas Prints
8 x 10 – $100.00
11 x 14 – $125.00
16 x 20 – $200.00
18 x 24 – $250.00

Each clown I paint receives a share of the proceeds, so rest assured I am selling these images with their blessing

My Acrylic work on canvas original prices start at $2.00 and inch. My Watercolor original work on paper varies according to the size and subject matter.

Clown Portraits

I started a watercolor clown series.  I have the liberty to offer at these at a lower rate. Works on paper usually do not go as high as my works in Acrylic on canvas.
If you stay within these guidelines 9 x 12 size, watercolor, 1 clown in the portrait and allow me to sell prints of the image (of which you will receive 25% above my cost for each sale) and agree to be interviewed for my blog, then you will get the amazing deal as listed below.

Follow me on Facebook to watch each clown being created. PS-OV-ART

Follow me on Facebook to watch each clown being created. PS-OV-ART

 There are a few exceptions but generally the pricing goes like this:

9 X 12 Paintings created at this time – sell for $200.00 each + 6.00 shipping

So if you happen to be one of the lucky ones who secures a spot while the prices were lower – congratulations.
Currently painting #24 with about 12 more lined up.
I spend on average 30 hours painting each one so if you do the math I am not making much per hour.

If you request a painting of a different size or quantity of people in it the price starts at a base price and we add $75.00 for each additional person. Since the painting will take longer. There will be a 50% non refundable deposit before I will even start the painting.
I will offer the same for the ability to sell prints and 25% on the profit.
Price example: 18 x 24 watercolor $300.00 with 4 clowns + 3x 75.00 = 525.00 with 1/2 down before we begin.

Links to buy my work online

I post on several sites depending on the site you will find canvas prints, paper prints, T-Shirts, hats,  greeting cards, puzzles, notepads, phone covers and pillows etc… you name it and it can probably be created for you and shipped directly from them to you and you have 30 days to decline the order if not up to your expectations.  So you can’t lose!

This is my Zazzle Store – You will find the most options here.

All my artwork uploaded to Fine ART America for you to buy prints – Click here

All my Clowns only on Fine ART America for you to buy prints – Click here

Below I will post a few links to some of the clowns so you can see the possibilities….


Toto Johnson Stickers by PSOVARTCLOWNS
See more Rontotojohnson Stickers at
Watercolor Clown #10 Mugs
Watercolor Clown #10 Mugs by PSOVARTCLOWNS
Look at more Payasokiruzbazo Mugs at zazzle
Bungles TheClown Photo Plaques
Bungles TheClown Photo Plaques by PSOVARTCLOWNS
Look at Bunglestheclown Plaques online at
Clown Pricilla Mooseburger T Shirt
Clown Pricilla Mooseburger T Shirt by PSOVARTCLOWNS
Put your favorite photo on t-shirt designs at
Clown Bill Gillespie AKA Be-Real-So Postcard
Clown Bill Gillespie AKA Be-Real-So Postcard by PSOVARTCLOWNS
Find more Bill gillespie Postcards at Zazzle
Clown Mark Carfora Clock
Clown Mark Carfora Clock by PSOVARTCLOWNS
Shop for additional Wall Clocks at

Until next time. Happy Clowning!

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Clown artist to the world

Across the top of this blog you will find pages dedicated to my art.  Please take a few minutes to look them over.

Please like this blog and share among your clown friends.

 All comments are welcome!

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