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Watercolor Clown #16 – Ron Maslanka

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Hello Fellow Clown Lovers,

Clowns – I love them!  I love to paint bright, colorful, happy images and clowns fit right in with that.

Info about myself and the clown portrayed here in this blog will be at the bottom for not let’s get to the painting….

Watercolor Clown #16 –

 Ron Maslanka AKA “Sam the clown”

Original SOLD

Sam the clown has such a sweet expression on his face, which made working on this painting a pleasure.  I hope you enjoy the photos provided below that document the creation of this fun painting.

I like to take pictures along the way as I paint so you can see the creation from start to finish.  Enjoy!  Leave me a note if you like the painting.

Original Photo of Sam The Clown

Original Photo of Sam The Clown












Ron Maslanka AKA Sam the Clown


Art Prints

About the Artist:

I have painted clowns for several years.  Until recently I focused on painting them in Acrylics on canvas, but I have renewed my love of Watercolor and I am currently working on a series of paintings that incorporates great clowns (most of whom I have made friends with on Facebook) and watercolor on small affordable 9 x 12 watercolor paintings. My goal is to create 75 watercolor clowns in the 9 X 12 size.  I hope to sell thru Facebook or directly to the buyer and hopefully sell a few to the proud clown collectors out in  the world.

Each image will be on Canson 140 LB  Watercolor paper 9 X 12.  Each image will be mailed in a document mailer with a certificate of authenticity. Let me know if your interested or if you have a clown image for me to consider for the series.

Why I paint Clowns: For the record I do paint other things besides clowns but I have a passion and a love for clowns.  I paint my clown images with pride.  Many of the clowns I have met in person, or I am friends with on Facebook.  Some I have sought out because I came across a photo I liked. Others have found out about my work through their friends and came to me.  Each image is personally vetted.  I am looking for a certain look or feel from my paintings.  Not every image presented to me is right for a painting.

I am a skilled artist. I paint both in acrylic and watercolor. Neither of these mediums are easy or forgiving (especially watercolor). I have spent 40 years perfecting my skill. The fact that, I as an artist choose to paint some of the sweetest, funniest, most colorful, and always happy portraits you will ever find anywhere, is a matter of personal choice.

I realize that not everyone will get it or be on board with what I do. I realize there is a select market for my work. I am ok with this. I have faith that the clown and circus industry will surround me with love and laughter and purchase my paintings and prints. This is a very select market to sell to – I get it. You either love clowns or you don’t. I have been working for years to earn the trust of my clown friends and I will do my best to depict their clown persona, so that those who have had the pleasure of interacting with that clown in the past can remember and cherish those memories every time they look at one of my prints or paintings.

I am striving to be the best artist who paints clowns, I am following on the heels of Jim Howle (whom I have met and truly love) and Red Skelton (whom I wish I had met) I am not comparing my skill to theirs, but those are who I relate to.  … It is an honor to truly depict the magic of a clown, to catch the sparkle in the eye that has delighted thousands of children. If you’re good to the clown world they will be good to you.  Sincerely Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair.

Not for Commercial Use

Copyright 2014 Patty Sue O’Hair- Vicknair Artist PSOVART

Click below for the direct Zazzle link to Ron’s page to buy this painting on various products.

Click here to purchase Ron Maslanka painting on various items….

Prints are available direct from the artist.

For those of you interested in any of the clown watercolor painting prints. There are 2 ways to get prints.
1. I will post the image on several sites, with links found on my page associated with the clown image. Also there are links from my page directly to the pages where all my art can be found for prints. All you do is choose the one you want, the size, how you want it printed (canvas, paper, etc.) and pay for it they will ship it to you. Here are some sites I am on. (fine art prints, cards, phone cases) (posters, t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc…) and you can order originals or prints from here. Email me direct at or call me direct at 479-601-5277

2. You can buy direct from me. I will order a print from my printer and provide a signed Certificate of Authenticity along with signing the painting. Your cost will be determined by the size you want + shipping to your location.
9 X 12 = $45.00
11 x 14 = $65.00
16 X 20 = $116.00
Each clown I paint receives a share of the proceeds, so rest assured I am selling these images with their blessing. If interested either message me on Facebook or email me at we can handle the transaction by Paypal

Until next time. Happy Clowning!

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Clown artist to the world

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Copyright on all images of this painting and the painting itself belong to the artist PSOVART Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair 2015

Follow me on Facebook to watch each clown being created.

Follow me on Facebook to watch each clown being created.

Introducing Ron Maslanka AKA Sam the clown

Today we have the pleasure of meeting Clown #16 from my Watercolor Clown Series, Ron Maslanka AKA SAM THE CLOWN.  Ron lives in Howell, New Jersey so if you’re looking for a clown for your events be sure to check him out.

I will have a follow-up post which will  show the creation of his watercolor painting.  Please take the time to check it out.  Prints are available from “me” the artist or from many of the print on demand sites.  Ron also benefits from any sale of one of his prints.

sam the clown copyHow long have you been a clown?

I’ve been a clown since the day I was born…just didn’t realize it till I got a summer job performing at Great Adventure in 1975!

Who inspired you to become a clown?

Steve Gerber’s Man-Thing comic book issues 5 & 6

Who do you give credit to in helping you advance your art in clowning?

So, so many….from the very beginning Karen “Prunes” & David Shore who helped me find my first face and costume, Mike Mochen and Penn Gilette who taught me to juggle and ride unicycle, to all the wonderful teachers at Clown College, including Lou Jacobs and Frost Little and Barry Lubin, and Dean of Clown College Bill Ballentine, and his son Toby, who I clowned with years later, my Ringling Boss Clown, Steve LaPorte and my Producing Clown, the amazing Mark Anthony, to my longtime clown partner Mark “Happy Jack” Clark and, of course my daughter, Little Samy herself, Emily Season, who continues to challenge me..


 Where did you receive training & where did you get your first big break?

1st break- Great Adventure gig-training began there, then Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey-Circus Clown College, Blue Show, and every days since….

 Are you still Clowning?

Since 1975, Yes!


Are you involved with any clown organizations?

I’m Ringling Alumni, but no formal associations other than my own production company Aardvark Entertainment and Emily Season’s Dragonfly Productions.

What kind of clown are you?

I’m an auguste.


Tell us about your particular clown image and how you decided on that look?

Sam is me…

Have you ever worked in a Circus and if so which ones? 

Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus

sam 1

What kind of functions are you hired for example: conventions, parties…

Promotional events mostly, some school shows and corporate and private functions.

Do you have bits that are standard in the clown world or do you create your own acts?

I LOVE the classic clown gags and I perform Dead and Alive and Washer Women and all those whenever I can, but most of my stuff is original.

Do you use props?  If so do you make them yourself?

Yes, props…  mostly made by me.

If you are in a parade  do you ride anything? Bike, Unicycle, Clown car?

I’ve ridden parades on a unicycle and walked parades on stilts.


Is there video we can watch of you on the web acting as a clown for us to enjoy?

View Video of Sam the Clown on the Dragonfly Productions Web Page

 Sam The Clowns Web page

The Magic Aardvark on Facebook

Dinosauron On Facebook

 Do you have any clown wisdom to pass on to fellow younger clowns who are starting out in the business?

A Clown is a “collector of moments…”


If you can say one word that summed up all your years of clowning – what would it be?   


10516804_10154316983700263_6520794443979204985_n What are you long term goals in clowning?

Long term: keep doing this as long as I still love it…Shorter term: next big project: Dinosaur Circus!


Ron Maslanka “SAM the Clown”

PO Box 274

Howell, NJ 07731


Dragonfly Productions

Party and Event Entertainment

Ron Maslanka

Sell Art Online

 I hope you have enjoyed this post about another wonderful clown.

Until next time. Happy Clowning!

Thanks to Ron for all his help in creating this blog.  I hope this was an accurate portrayal of this amazing clown.

Patty Sue O’Hair –Vicknair Clown Artist

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The next post will be the painting progression. Check it out!

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