Great Clown Portraits Are Just The Beginning!!!!

Hello everyone!

I have been working on a major revamp of my art studio.  We moved to our new home in 2011 and my Hubby was nice enough to allow me to take over the bonus room which is upstairs over the garage with its own half bath as my art studio.  The room is about 23 x 13 and I have filled it.  I do not know how I fit everything into the small bedroom I used in our old home.  On either side there is a door which leads to attic storage.  I love it but the color the whole house was painted in, including my art studio was already done when we choose the home and since it was new paint the practical home owner in me could not bring myself to make changes cause the paint was still in great shape.  So now here we are 5 years later and I am at last ready to make my studio more inspiring to my artistic mind.

I have permission from my Hubby to do whatever I want in my room, after all it is only paint and easily changed.  So since I paint circus clowns and it is kind of lonely up in my room when I paint – which is one of the reasons I love my online community- I have decided to paint the room as the interior of a red and white circus tent with a few quirky additions of my own.

Here is the plan my ceiling has the slanted sections on both sides and in 3 corners… This lends it to a tent shape very well.  In the inside corner where the ceiling and wall meet was framed out differently.  In this corner we will have a monkey with scissors who cut a big whole in the tent and we will be able to see blue sky, clouds, rolling hills, and at least one hot air balloon.  May do other things to in this space as I am inspired, but that is where I am starting.

In another corner there will be a bunch of colorful balloons.

At the end around my desk where the window is located will be the stage area.  Here there will be a group of my clown friends all gathered around my desk to see what I am working on.

I have posted on my personal and my artist Facebook page a request from all my clown friends for them to please supply me with great photos of themselves in full makeup and dress in particular poses with permission to use the images on my wall.  Many have answered the call.  I thank you all!  I am not sure until I get into the creating part of this exactly who or what I will do … So if any of you would like to submit images please do.

I am looking for poses where your looking down or out from a stage or down at a child or down at a table ….. Something like that with happy excited expressions….

I have a few photos and videos of the progress so far that I will post here.



Still lots to do ….

Love ya all

Patty Sue O’Hair-Vicknair

Clown artist to the world.

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