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I am so honored to be allowed to paint Pat Cashin.  You can tell by the many posts on Facebook he was beloved in the clown world.  Friends and family have lost a truly wonderful person who really loved to make people laugh.  His big boisterous laugh that made you laugh till your sides hurt will be missed. 

When I initially contacted Pat about painting his portrait as part of my series he graciously consented.  I asked him at the World Wide Circus Summit in July of 2015. Then over the last year I asked him again because I had a bad bike wreck and my memory was/is a little off and he reminded me that he had given consent. 

The image I was mostly interested in was the one you see on Facebook a lot with the bright colors which is the same clown but a different pose as the center one in my painting.   I thought it would make a great painting for my series.  I still may paint it if Terry will let me as part of the series.  He was supposed to be #34 in my series… I am only on #27 and #28 will be started as soon as I finish the art studio revamp murals… In the meantime I felt the overwhelming urge that  I just had to paint him NOW…. so I asked and Terry said I could. 

I was just going to paint the one image I had in mind…. however the painting took on a life of its own.  I don’t know if any of you have ever painted in watercolor but usually watercolors are not this vibrant or as detailed…. (Which is kind of what I am know for, locally.) 

To paint 5 images of the same person in different makeup and hair and outfits and have them all turn out looking like my conception that I printed and how I envisioned it in my head is well CRAZY DIFFICULT… and to do it in unforgiving watercolor…. on my. 

So I spent 65.5 + hours which if I were sell it in a gallery I would ask $2500. for my take home pay which only comes out at 38 dollars an hour…. But I have a heart for clowns and tend to offer cheaper to them because I know that usually they are not rolling in dough unless the gag requires it… so I probably will sell it for $600.  Which doesn’t come out to very much per hour.  So as you can see I don’t do it for the $$$ but because I love it..   I do not have the time to deal with galleries, so if you’re interested you will have to contact me for prints or the original.

I pay to each of my clowns 25% above my cost.  So understand they get a piece of the pie so they are happy when we have a sale.

For right now the only way to get a print is to order direct from me.  Each print comes with a Signed Certificate of Authenticity and is signed by me.  Then they are shipped to you in the least expensive way I can and still protect the print and get it to you fast.

Giclee Fine Art Paper Prints:

9 X 12  $45. + shipping to you (easiest to ship in Photo mailer $6.00)

11 X 14 $65. + shipping to you

16 X 20 $116. + shipping to you

18 X 24 $135. + shipping to you

Giclee Prints on Canvas: 1 inch thick black sides with wire ready to hang.

9 X 12 – $100               11 X 14 – $125

16 X 20 – $200            18 x 24 – $250

+ Shipping to you

Anything larger then that is possible but I would have to check with my printer.

So if interested  contact me through this blog, or Message me on my Facebook Fan Page PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O’Hair- Vicknair Artist or my personal page Patty Vicknair or email me at and we will start the process of getting your print ordered.

Click here to order Canvas Print

Click here to order Fine Art Paper Print

The photos I have in this post are – The painting “The Many Faces Of Pat Cashin”  -the constructed photo I used to paint the painting.  – Examples of Clown Giclee prints of my work on Fine Art Paper and An original painting with 2 Giclee Prints On Canvas so you can see the quality of the prints.  They really are just as vibrant.

2016-08-14 16.42.18

This is the rough draft of the original photos that I started with.

This is the rough draft of the original photos that I started with.

Example of 2 Canvas Giclee prints on either side of the original painting.

Example of 2 Canvas Giclee prints on either side of the original painting.

Example of some of my Clown Paintings as Giclee Prints on Fine Art Paper

Example of some of my Clown Paintings as Giclee Prints on Fine Art Paper

2016-08-14 17.14.26Example of what it would possible look like framed on your wall.  Does not include Frame

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