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The Creation of “Hello Clown” Painting

Hello Clown Painting by Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair

Hello Clown

Hello Clown 24 X 36 Acrylic on canvas

Hello  Clown  A 7-21-09

Sketched the image and painted the background

Hello Clown B 7-22-09

Pained the first layer of the shirt

Hello Clown C 7-22-09

Painted the first layer of the blue hat and vest

Hello Clown D 7-22-09

Started working on the flesh tones

Hello Clown E 7-22-09

Nose, mouth, and eyes along with more layers on the flesh tones.

Hello Clown F 7-23-09

Eyes, hair, clothes and small details.

Hello Clown G 7-23-09

Hair and tie layering of color.

Hello Clown H 7-27-09

Finishing off of the hair and adding shading and shadows

Hello Clown I Finished 7-27-09

Finished “Hello Clown” Painting
by Patty Sue O’Hair- Vicknair Artist

Original Referrance Photo  provided by Totomai on Flickr

Original Referrance Photo provided by Totomai on Flickr


Until next time. Happy Clowning!

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Clown artist to the world

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