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Title “The Many Faces Of Pat Cashin”

The many faces of Pat Cashin” – I figure I  have 65.5 hours into the creation of this painting. Thanks to everyone who joined me for the facebook live sessions while I was painting it.
The original is going to his wife- Terry, but prints will available soon stay posted and I will let you know the details…
Original Watercolor 24 X 18 on Arches Cold pressed paper.
Painted with permission of Pat Cashin Family
As you all know we lost Pat recently. I had him on my list to paint but I was to late to get it to him so he could enjoy it. His family has asked for the original and prints for the boys, so I am trying to do the best that I can.

This painting is an original work of Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair and, as such, is protected by US & International Copyright laws. All rights reserved. ©2016 Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair PSOVART
Not for Commercial Use

I like to take pictures along the way as I paint so you can see the creation from start to finish.  Enjoy!  Leave me a note if you like the painting.

This is the rough draft of the original photos that I started with.

This is the rough draft of the original photos that I started with.

The basic sketch

The basic sketch

The first Pat Cashin Clown photo from his wedding..

This clown was his white face clown. This is how he dressed when I met him at the World Wide Circus Summit in 2015

This clown was his white face clown. This is how he dressed when I met him at the World Wide Circus Summit in 2015

This is his fun Clown Look. Most colorful of the bunch.

This is his fun Clown Look. Most colorful of the bunch.

He was also Captain Kangaroo

This is his crazy or nutty Professor look.

This is his crazy or nutty Professor look.

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2016-08-14 17.14.26

I will post one more post on this painting which will have links to all the videos of me painting it…

Patrick Cashin was a great man and a great clown for those of you who knew him I am sure he is being missed.  For those of you who did not know him below you will find his obituary.  I understand from those who know him well, that he was always loud and fun to be around and kept you in stitches laughing so hard when around him.  He will be missed.


Patrick Cashin Obituary

Patrick Cashin

AGE: 48 • Tinton Falls

Patrick Cashin, 48, of Tinton Falls, NJ – husband, father, Clown, Santa, Captain Kangaroo, and all-around comedian and entertainer, passed away suddenly at home on Sunday, July 24, 2016. He was married to Terry Cashin in full clown makeup and attire in Madison Square Garden before performing at the Ringling Brothers Circus, but his greatest source of accomplishment was being a terrific father to his two young sons, Shane and James.

In 2011, the Alumni Path Foundation recognized him, Cedar Ridge Class of 1985, for his legacy and recognition in Arts and Entertainment. He also graduated Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ, and Ringling Brothers Clown College, Sarasota, FL. He was a stand-up comedian for several years at Rascals Comedy Club and many other events and locations, but longed to be a circus clown since he was a very young boy. He fulfilled his dream by working for Ringling Brothers as a Circus Clown, various shrine circuses, and many others – most recently as the Salaam Shriner’s Circus as the Director of Clowning.

He enjoyed playing the father in a well-respected Super Bowl Visa commercial in 2001 (the one with the multiplying bunny rabbits). He gave generously of his time to the Jersey Shore University Medical Center Pediatrics Department as a clown, as a Santa, with special needs children, and many other characters. He worked tirelessly toward improving the awareness of clown history and served as a board member and as the President of the International Clown Hall of Fame in Baraboo, WI.

The highlight of each year was being Santa at the Galleria (with his puppy Knucklehead), Red Bank, NJ. He was also an award-winning Santa in 2015 at Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ. Pat’s adventures in clowning took him to China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Spain. He also walked in many parades with his varied clown faces / costumes, and as his beloved Captain Kangaroo, many with his prized clown car, and he inspired his children to join him for many of these events. Pat also had the distinct honor of performing for the First Family at the annual White House Halloween Party.

Pat is survived by his wife, Terry, two sons, Shane and James, and his puppy, Honey Bear, Tinton Falls, NJ, his mother, Marilyn Flynn, Edison, NJ, his brother, Dennis, Edison, NJ, and two brothers and their wives, Joseph and Denise, Washington, NJ and Sean and Stacey, Edison, NJ. He was predeceased by his father, Joseph Cashin. He is also survived by his in-laws, Holly and Ron Williams, Brick, NJ, and two sisters-in-law and their husbands, Debi and Dave Glenn, and Patti and Manny Bosques, all in Wilmington, NC.

Pat was in his element entertaining his five nieces and seven nephews and many other family members, including aunts, uncles and cousins, close friends, as well as friends around the world.

Pat’s contribution to the entertainment world stretched the globe, honing his natural talent and showmanship from his hometown to bringing laughter and applause worldwide.

Relatives and friends of Pat are invited to attend a Celebration of Life at Johnson McGinley Funeral Home, 2652 Highway 138, Wall, NJ on Monday August 15, 2016 between 3:00 – 6:00 PM. A service will start at 6 PM. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to for his children’s education. Additionally, a contribution to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey, or the International Clown Hall of Fame, Baraboo, WI, would be greatly appreciated.

Published in Home News Tribune & Asbury Park Press on Aug. 7, 2016

– See more at:


About The Artist:

Why I paint Clowns: For the record I do paint other things besides clowns but I have a passion and a love for clowns.  I paint my clown images with pride.  Many of the clowns I have met in person, or I am friends with on Facebook.  Some I have sought out because I came across a photo I liked. Others have found out about my work through their friends and came to me.  Each image is personally vetted.  I am looking for a certain look or feel from my paintings.  Not every image presented to me is right for a painting.

I am a skilled artist. I paint both in acrylic and watercolor. Neither of these mediums are easy or forgiving (especially watercolor). I have spent 40 years perfecting my skill. The fact that, I as an artist choose to paint some of the sweetest, funniest, most colorful, and always happy portraits you will ever find anywhere, is a matter of personal choice.

I realize that not everyone will get it or be on board with what I do. I realize there is a select market for my work. I am ok with this. I have faith that the clown and circus industry will surround me with love and laughter and purchase my paintings and prints. This is a very select market to sell to – I get it. You either love clowns or you don’t. I have been working for years to earn the trust of my clown friends and I will do my best to depict their clown persona, so that those who have had the pleasure of interacting with that clown in the past can remember and cherish those memories every time they look at one of my prints or paintings.

I am striving to be the best artist who paints clowns, I am following on the heels of Jim Howle (whom I have met and truly love) and Red Skelton (whom I wish I had met) I am not comparing my skill to theirs, but those are who I relate to.  … It is an honor to truly depict the magic of a clown, to catch the sparkle in the eye that has delighted thousands of children. If you’re good to the clown world they will be good to you.  Sincerely Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair.

Not for Commercial Use

Copyright 2016 Patty Sue O’Hair- Vicknair Artist PSOVART

Prints are available direct from the artist.

For those of you interested in any of the clown watercolor painting prints. There are 2 ways to get prints.
I will post the image on several sites, with links found on my page associated with the clown image. Also there are links from my page directly to the pages where all my art can be found for prints. All you do is choose the one you want, the size, how you want it printed (canvas, paper, etc.) and pay for it they will ship it to you. Here are some sites I am on. (fine art prints, cards, phone cases) (posters, t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc…) and you can order originals or prints from here. Email me direct at or call me direct at 479-601-5277

2. You can buy direct from me. I will order a print from my printer and provide a signed Certificate of Authenticity along with signing the painting. Your cost will be determined by the size you want + shipping to your location.
Not sure of the sizes or prices yet but will know by the end of this week and will update post
Each clown I paint receives a share of the proceeds, so rest assured I am selling these images with their blessing. If interested either message me on Facebook or email me at we can handle the transaction by Paypal

Until next time. Happy Clowning!

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Clown artist to the world

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Copyright on all images of this painting and the painting itself belong to the artist PSOVART Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair 2015

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