Great Clown Portraits Are Just The Beginning!!!!

clowns LaughTo all my Clown/Klown/Payaso/ Clown Alleys/ clown Organizations/ Clown Schools – I am looking for an image where all the clowns are making funny faces at the camera… not just sitting there. I would like the image to have at least 10 clowns all in costume in it  – all making faces for the camera. The more colorful the better – the more your hamming it up the better. You could even make it have a theme. I am looking for ideas and fun images that present clowns in wonderful, colorful, fun ways.

This will be painted on a huge canvas and should really be cool.

Please post any photos you may have along with the names of the clowns involved. Please gather and indicate that I have the clowns permission to paint them. I will not do so without everyone in the photo being on board.

I think this will be lots of fun… Tell your friends get together for a group photo-op…

I will provide a digital Tiff image of the original painting to the group to use as you would like – with my blessing and 1 printed copy on Fine Art Paper if I choose to paint the image provided.

The accompanying picture is an example of my work. Please feel free to contact me with photos at my email address

Thank you for your Comments

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