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The Amazing Sean Carlock!

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Hello Fellow Clown Enthusiast,

I have just this last week completed a portrait of Sean Carlock,  so I am posting this blog post followed by another blog post showing the creation of his watercolor painting (from the photo above).  Sean Carlock gave me the honor of painting his image as part of my new  watercolor clown series.  His painting is number #5 if you’re following along.   Original has sold, but prints will be available soon.

Today we have the honor of meeting and getting to know Sean Carlock,  I first met I first met Sean, on Facebook, through another clown “Toto” Johnson, when I was looking for great clown photos.

I asked him a few questions and I think you will enjoy his answers.

1. How long have you been a clown?

I started clowning in February of 2000

sean carlock 3

2. Who inspired you to become a clown?

I never wanted to be a clown, it wasn’t something that I chose to do. I guess you could say that it chose me.

3.Where did you receive training?

I attended Clown Camp in Lacross Wisconsin, and learned mostly from doing.

4. . Are you involved with any clown organizations?

I am a member of COAI, the USA based “Clowns of America International”

5. How do you feel your clown has evolved over time? How did you settle on the particular style and design of your clown or the personality you try to project as a clown?

I am a firm believer that your clown is you. Certainly my makeup and my skill sets have changed and evolved but I am still the same clown I have always been.

sean carlock 4

6. I have learned a little more about clowns and I know there are different types of clowns, What kind of clown are you and what do you feel is your clowns most interesting characteristic?

I would be considered an Auguste clown though I don’t really adhere to many of the make-up “rules” or standards.

7. Have you ever worked in a Circus and if so which ones?

I worked for Ringling Bros. 133rd edition Red show in ’03 called Bailey’s Comet.

8. What kind of functions are you hired for example: conventions, parties…

I do fairs and festivals, company parties and picnics, the occasional birthday party but the majority of my work is for corporations.

Sean Carlock 1

9. Do you have bits that are standard in the clown world or do you create your own acts?

I try to come up with my own ideas for new routines or maybe just a fresh spin on something old.

10. Do you use props?

I love props!

10A. If so did you make them yourself?

I make some of the things that I use and have recently gotten back into carving foam props.

sean carlock 2

11. If you are in a parade do you ride anything? Bike, Unicycle, Clown car?

I prefer to walk so I can get up close and personal with the crowds. It can ba a challenge to give high fives from a moving vehicle.

12. Is there video we can watch of you on the web acting as a clown for us to enjoy?

13. What kind of presence do you have on the web, FB, web page, blog…

Click here to be taken to his website.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about another wonderful clown.  Please follow his links and read more about him on his  web page.

Until next time. Happy Clowning!

Thanks to Sean for all his help in creating this blog.

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Clown artist to the world

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Toto and Sean

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2.5″X 3.5″ Open Edition Art Cards of Careful The Clown Painting

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I have had a lot of visitors in the last few weeks but they did not seem inclined to follow the blog or leave a comment.

So I thought I would add a little incentive to entice you to follow and comment.

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The card should fit in a standard envelope and will be in a protective covering as seen in the photo.

You may ask what is an ACEO card.  ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions, & Originals. An Art card is a small pocket-sized piece of art.   Also called an ATC – Artist Trading Card.

They can be original artwork the artist created or prints/reproductions of original artwork.   The official standard size of an art card is 2.5″ X 3.5″  (64 X 89 mm)  basically the same size as a baseball trading card.

These first 9 that I am offering are of my latest clown painting Careful the Clown, of which I posted 2 post in this blog about.


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I love happy people, which is one reason I love Clowns so much.

So,I hope to see you back here many times as we learn about new clowns and I find more great clown artists to introduce you to.

Your new blog friend

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Clown Portrait Artist to the World.


Careful TheClown Painting

2013-03-03 20.50.10


I am sad to report that in the month of May 2014 Careful the clown went to the big circus in the Sky.  He will be missed.

Patty Sue


The Sketch

Painted the Background

Painted the Jacket

Started the Tie

Started Painting the Hat

Added a little Yellow

Added a Little Red & Orange

Added some Skin Tones

Started the Hair and the Chicken

Painted the Tie, Badge, Flowers….

Worked on Detail and the Glasses

Finishing details with the skin tones and eyes.

Final details such as the beaded necklace and shadows and shading

Careful TheClown 16 X 20 Acrylic on Canvas by PSOVART

Art Prints

Click her for Careful the Clown image on various items for sale.

The End.

I hope you have enjoyed this photo journey of the creation of Careful TheClown.

Careful  TheClown painting was created with acrylic paint on a 16 X 20 X 1.5 canvas.  The original sold.  But prints can still be purchased contact the artist for more information.

Painted with permission of Careful the Clown
Not for Commercial Use
Copyright 2013 Patty Sue O’Hair- Vicknair ARtist PSOVART

By Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Artist

Clown Artist to the World.

Copyright 2012 PSOVART

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Clown Paintings by Patty Sue O’Hair-Vicknair or PSOVART

Hello my name is Patty Sue O’Hair- Vicknair I am the author of this blog and a clown lover and painter.  My married name is Vicknair but I keep my maiden name in artist name as a tribute to my late Father who was my biggest critic and my biggest fan.  With his ever-loving artistic photographers instruction I learned to recognize a great pose or as he would say that “twinkle in the eye”.   I hope that I have captured in some of these paintings the “twinkle in the eye” that draws you in to each portrait and makes you smile.   These paintings are my Clowns.  The first series is called “The Human Side of a Clown”.  I tried to show a little glimpse into the personality or the emotion of the clown  in each image that made you stop and take a second look and maybe feel the joy that comes from the painting.  I love clowns and I am always looking for a great clown image to paint.  More Clowns coming Soon…

All of these paintings are for sale and prints are available if you’re interested let me know…

Hello Clown

Hello Clown 24 X 36 Acrylic on canvas By PSOVART

Giggles the Clown

Giggles the Clown 24 X 36 Acrylic on canvas By PSOVART

Clowing Around

Clowning Around 24 X 36 Acrylic on canvas By PSOVART

Jason The Clown 24 X 36 Acrylic on canvas By PSOVART

Rainbow Clown

Rainbow Clown 24 X 36 Acrylic on canvas By PSOVART

Eureka Springs Clown

Eureka Springs Clown 24 X 30 Acrylic on canvas By PSOVART

Clown Billy Ballantine II

Billy Ballantine II 24 X 30 Acrylic on canvas By PSOVART

Senor Billy The Hobo Clown

Senor Billy The Hobo Clown 36 X 36 Acrylic on canvas By PSOVART

Kid Clowns

Kid Clowns 22 X 28 Acrylic on canvas By PSOVART

Sad Little Girl Clown

Sad Little Girl Clown 20 X 20 Acrylic on canvas By PSOVART

Bozo Pastel 14 X 17 on paper by PSOVART

Careful TheClown 16 x 20 By PSOVART

Careful was just finished July 11, 2012.

Careful has also been nice enough to allow me to interview him so so be on the look  for Careful TheClown post coming soon.

Watercolor Clown #1 #1 in a series of 75 watercolor clowns

Watercolor Clown #1 #1 in a series of 75 watercolor clowns

Watercolor Clown #2 Corazon Alegre - #2 in a series of 75 watercolor clowns

Watercolor Clown #2 Corazon Alegre – #2 in a series of 75 watercolor clowns

More paintings to be added soon….

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Thank you

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Clown artist to the world

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Bump A Nose web site and Update on Great Clown Portraits…

Visit Bump a Nose

Hello Fellow Clown Enthusiast,

I have found a wonderful site I would like to share with all my Clown friends.    Bump A nose

The Bump a Nose community is for anyone involved in the art of clowning. This is a positive place, so please keep your posts, comments and such clean, decent and positive. The mission of Bump a Nose is to LAUGH.
L – Learn from each other
A – Advance the positive image of clowning
U – Unite the global clown community
G – Grow the clowning community
H – Help the world heal with the power of laughter

Even though I am not a clown they were nice enough to let me join and share my art.  I am hopeful I will make some great clown contacts on this site.

Come join me and lets Bump A Nose.


I have been in contact with several artists and Clowns and I have some wonderful interviews coming up for you.  We will get to know some great clowns such as  Toto Johnson, Careful TheClown, Sean Carlock, Richard Fick, Dean Kelley, Leo Action,and Ron Maslanka.   Stay tuned for future posts.

I have been busy painting a clown portrait of Careful TheClown.  The portrait is not done yet, but coming along nicely.  Here is a photo of where I am as of today.

I will finish this painting soon and post a series of images so you can see the progression of the painting.

Until next time Happy Clowning!

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Clown Artist to the world.

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