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Follow Blog, leave comment – Receive collectable ACEO CARD

2.5″X 3.5″ Open Edition Art Cards of Careful The Clown Painting

****Please Follow this blog.  Leave a comment and lets talk about clowns.****

I have had a lot of visitors in the last few weeks but they did not seem inclined to follow the blog or leave a comment.

So I thought I would add a little incentive to entice you to follow and comment.

For every person that follows this blog and leaves a comment that is nice about clowns  – I will send you a ACEO card with a Certificate of Authenticity on the back and signed by me the artist, of one of my clown paintings.  I have the first 9 cards ready to go in the mail.

My only requirement is that you live in USA for free shipping.  If your from another country, I can still send the card to you, but shipping will have to be paid by Paypal in advance. ( I am not going to go into debt for more than the cost of a USA standard stamp to mail these)

The card should fit in a standard envelope and will be in a protective covering as seen in the photo.

You may ask what is an ACEO card.  ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions, & Originals. An Art card is a small pocket-sized piece of art.   Also called an ATC – Artist Trading Card.

They can be original artwork the artist created or prints/reproductions of original artwork.   The official standard size of an art card is 2.5″ X 3.5″  (64 X 89 mm)  basically the same size as a baseball trading card.

These first 9 that I am offering are of my latest clown painting Careful the Clown, of which I posted 2 post in this blog about.


1. Once you leave a comment – I will be notified.

2. Once you Follow this blog  – I will be notified.

3. Send Email – To receive your ACEO card in the mail I will need to have you send me an email to this address (which is private and will not be shared with anyone) with your name and address.  

4. I will place the card in the mail for free to anywhere in the USA and we will both be happy.

If your from another country, I can still send the card to you, but shipping will have to be paid by Paypal in advance. When you contact me by email we can arrange for the shipping to be paid.

I love happy people, which is one reason I love Clowns so much.

So,I hope to see you back here many times as we learn about new clowns and I find more great clown artists to introduce you to.

Your new blog friend

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Clown Portrait Artist to the World.

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