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World Wide Circus Summit 2015 Memories


This July 15-18 I had the pleasure of attending the World Wide Circus Summit 2015 held in Springfield, MA. at the Big E Fairgrounds.  I was invited by Joe Barney and Lane Talburt.  After looking into what it was all about, I decided that this would be a wonderful opportunity to feature my Clown Artwork and  possibly make a few sales and lots of Circus Connections.

As an outsider looking in who was not raised in the circus it has been a long struggle to  meet clowns on Facebook and befriend them and to be allowed to paint their image and win their trust.  I strive to capture the true clown persona and depict the makeup correctly which is important, because they are all part of the clown history.  I pay all my clowns 25% of any funds above my cost for any prints sold and I do not charge to paint them.

This was a great opportunity to meet many I had followed online in person and a few I had painted already in person to.  It was a blast!!!!!!!

Ok I tried to upload the photos here but only have  so much room for photos and info so I decided to delete these and upload them to my Flickr site instead.  Please follow the link provided and you should be able to find all 1500 images unedited and free to download.

Click here to be taken to the photos on FLICKR


Please check out my artwork while here.  I love clowns and have painted many of your friends with many more to come!

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Artist

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