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Share your clowning experience with this blog. 

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This blog is about clowns.  All kinds of clowns.  I want to share your story.  If you reply to this post here or send me an email I will share your clown story with my readers.   Feel free to share links, photos, videos, blogs, Facebook or web pages whatever you would like to spread the word about your business, clown ministry or just to share the your history of clowning.

This blog is also about clown portraits which I myself paint or other artist have painted. So if you have some great photos and would like to be considered for a portrait share them so we can begin a dialogue.  I am looking for images to paint constantly but I am in high demand and there is a long waiting list so please have patients, I will get to you eventually.  This is a great problem to have as an artist but not to great for my clients. Sorry.

I hope to hear about some great clowns on here.  Please share your clown history with my audience.

Thank you

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Clown Portrait Fine Artist

Help with finding Clowns and Artist who paint clowns…

Hello Clown

Hello Clown 24 X 36 Acrylic on canvas

Hello all,

I have not posted lately cause I have been having trouble finding clowns or artist who paint clowns who would like to answer a few written questions and post a few of there images with links back to their sites.

When I initially started this blog I figured I would have lots of clowns with great stories to tell and wonderful images to post of them doing there thing.  I also thought there would be lots of artist who paint clowns who just are not getting the recognition they deserve.

I do not gain any monetary benefit from this blog.  I have no problem telling people where they can go to find out more information about a clown or artist and possible make a purchase from them.  I gain nothing other then the opportunity to find like minded souls who also love the imagery and what the profession of a clown has to offer and if we can gain a laugh in the process it is icing on the cake.

However I have hit a wall of sorts.  I have contacted several artist, but currently have nobody lined up to interview.  I have one clown who has recently sent a reply back with the questions I sent him (of which I will get up shortly), but no other clowns lined up.

Please help

If you know or are a clown who has had a colorful history in the clown world please contact me here, at this blog, or by email to, or on facebook under Patty Vicknair or PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O’Hair Vicknair Artist.

Please look around your friends and see if you know of an artist who likes to paint great clown paintings and have them contact me at the above addresses so that I might interview them and  post there work for all to see.

I would and will be happy to post a link back to there respective sites and I ask nothing in return.

I am hoping that together we can find some clowns and clown artist so this blog may continue.

Thanks for any assistance with this post.

Your friend in the clown portrait artist (lonely) world.

Patty Sue O’Hair -Vicknair Artist

Artist /blog owner


Don’t forget to follow this blog  and email me jsut to make sure I see it…  and I will send you your free Collectable Clown Art Card  See details in the link below

Thank  you

Patty Sue O’Hair- Vicknair Clown Portrait Artist To The World


All of Patty's Clowns as of 10-21-13

All of Patty’s Clowns as of 10-21-13

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