Great Clown Portraits Are Just The Beginning!!!!

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This blog is about clowns.  All kinds of clowns.  I want to share your story.  If you reply to this post here or send me an email I will share your clown story with my readers.   Feel free to share links, photos, videos, blogs, Facebook or web pages whatever you would like to spread the word about your business, clown ministry or just to share the your history of clowning.

This blog is also about clown portraits which I myself paint or other artist have painted. So if you have some great photos and would like to be considered for a portrait share them so we can begin a dialogue.  I am looking for images to paint constantly but I am in high demand and there is a long waiting list so please have patients, I will get to you eventually.  This is a great problem to have as an artist but not to great for my clients. Sorry.

I hope to hear about some great clowns on here.  Please share your clown history with my audience.

Thank you

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Clown Portrait Fine Artist

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