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I will have a follow-up post which will  show the creation of her watercolor painting.  Please take the time to check it out.  Prints are available from “me” the artist or from many of the print on demand sites.  Tricia also benefits from any sale of one of her prints.


Pricilla Mooseburger

Pricilla Mooseburger


1.. How long have you been a clown?

Thirty four years.  Started with Kit-N-Kaboodle Theatre Co. as a beginning clown in the summer of 1982

2. Who inspired you to become a clown?

A shriner named Ron Revak and an awesome clown named Paul Kusterman

3.What people do you give credit to in helping you advance your art in clowning?

Paul Kusterman was my first clown teacher. I learned a great deal from watching Tammy Parish. Heide Karp is amazing. 

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4. Where did you receive training & where did you get your first big break?

Ringling Bros. clown college was my most important clown training.

In the fall of 1982, she attended Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey’s Clown College. Out of 60 prospective candidates, she was chosen by her performance to receive a contract to work for the Greatest Show on Earth, Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus (RBBBC). She toured three full seasons with the circus, performing as a clown in over 500 performances per year from 1983 to 1985. To further her clowning art, she decided to leave the circus. She was offered a position with Ringling, performing at Disneyland in Circus Fantasy. For its entire three-year run, she performed in the famous theme park. During this time, in the off-season, she developed her skills in Birthday parties, company picnics and did consecutive tours with traveling variety arts stage shows”.  (Reposted from her blog on

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5. Are you still Clowning?

Yes, not as much as I would like. I spend my time mentoring and teaching clowning. I write for a clown arts educational e-newsletter weekly and teach workshops on clowning around the country. It is my privilege to run Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp. It is a place where the very best teachers share their talents and love of the art of clowning.   

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6. Are you involved with any clown organizations?

I have been a member in Clowns of America International and World Clown Association for many years. I have served on COAI’s board and have taught at their conventions. 


Clowns of America International

World Clown Association

7. How do you feel your clown has evolved over time?

In it’s hay day everyone wanted to be a clown. There was good money in doing parties. But there was a lack of education until Clown Camp at the University of LaCrosse in Wisconsin. I was fortunate to be invited to teach there and stayed for 7 years until I started my own clown school Mooseburger Camp. Now there is more education and products available than ever before, however the media has turned against clowns. It chooses to portray them in a negative light. This keeps some people away from finding out more about clowning. Happily you cannot stop the folks who are born with a clowns heart. They still invest their time and energy in becoming a good clown no matter what. The best part is the audiences still love them all the same. 

 8. How did you settle on the particular style and design of your clown or the personality you try to project as a clown?

Truthfully, I felt ugly and unwanted as a child. I do not blame anyone or my parents for this. It was just a child’s perception. When I first put on the clown make-up I liked what I saw in the mirror for the first time. The white face clown made me feel pretty. It was magic. Performing fed my soul. I had some natural talent and some excellent teachers and mentors. I couldn’t help but be a clown. It was in my blood. 

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9. I have learned a little more about clowns and I know there are different types of clowns, What kind of clown are you and what do you feel is your clowns most interesting characteristic?

I am a white face clown. I have a beautiful costume. I like to do wacky things, many times involving a rubber chicken, music or dancing. When I was young with Ringling Bros. I did a lot of slapstick and pratfalls. No one expected a pretty clown to fall down. It made people laugh.   

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10. Have you ever worked in a Circus and if so which ones? Do you have any great stories which you can share.

I was with Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey circus from 1980-1985. Then I worked for Ringling at Disneyland in an event called The Circus at Disneyland. As far as stories go there are many of them! Some can be found on YouTube under an Evening with Pricilla Mooseburger. I caught on fire twice as a circus clown!  

11. What kind of functions are you hired for example: conventions, parties.

I am hired to teach. I clown with my local clown club to help out the club and be a part of our local events. 

12. Do you have bits that are standard in the clown world or do you create your own acts?

I can perform the standard skits with my own Mooseburger twist. But I prefer to write my own material. “Bunny Magic”  can also be seen on YouTube. It is my signature piece. I have been doing a version of it for over 30 years.

 View “Bunny Magic Below in YouTube Videos

13. Do you use props?          I love big silly props!

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15. If so did you make them yourself?

For the most part yes. I do buy my chickens, but they often get dressed up and altered. They don’t mind. 

16. If you were in a parade did you ride anything? Bike, Unicycle, Clown car?

I like to walk the parades you get more interaction with the people. But I am thinking about fixing up my bike this year and making it into a clown bike for Pricilla Mooseburger to ride. 


17. Is there video we can watch of you on the web acting as a clown for us to enjoy?

Lots on YouTube 

18. Do you have any clown wisdom to pass on to fellow younger clowns who are starting out in the business?

You are better than you think you are. Do your best to improve, but get out there and do it! Your heart will shine through your mishaps. Just keep putting yourself out there and soak in all the good you are doing. Remember the people who need you the most may not be your target audience. It could be the grandma and not the birthday child, the person who sees you driving your car or pumping your gas, the worker at the nursing home and not the patient who really needs the clown that day. You are always somebody’s day brightener even if you feel like a failure. 

 19. What are you long-term goals in clowning?

Hand my business down to my children Julia Bothun and DJ Weiss. Do my best to help clowns around the world stay inspired.  and  Example: Become a Ringling Clown.

20. If you can say one word that summed up all your years of clowning – what would it be?    *************Amazing*****************

21.What kind of presence do you have on the web, FB, web page, blog?

Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp on Facebook:

Patricia Manuel on Facebook:




 1-800-973-6277  and  320-963-6277

Art Prints

I hope you have enjoyed this post about another wonderful clown.

Until next time. Happy Clowning!

Thanks to Trisha for all her help in creating this blog.

Patty Sue O’Hair –Vicknair Clown Artist

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The next post will be the painting progression. Check it out!

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  1. James Long said:

    I attend Moose Burger Camp for last 3yrs. She gives 100% of her attention and efforts to see that all students leave camp with tools,ideas, and encouragement and new self image,
    Your portrait captures the Heart of The Clown with realism.A CARING and dedicated person.


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