Great Clown Portraits Are Just The Beginning!!!!

To live the life of a clown…. some of us just have to live thru others. Please read this blog it is interesting.

Patty Sue O’Hair Vicknair Artist

NBC Latino

On the outside, it’s called ‘the greatest show on earth.’

But on the inside, one young Mexican American performer simply calls it… home.

“My dream was to be in the circus. My parents were in the circus, I always wanted to do it,” says Ivan Vargas.

And Vargas did it by first following the footsteps of his mom and dad as a trapeze artist.

“I would always stay on the side and, you know, dream I was up there with them,” says Vargas.

Then he found his true three-ring calling as a clown.

“You have to show your skills and what we call a gag, which is anything from plate spinning to you know pie throwing to anything. So I showed some stuff and thankfully they liked it, they thought I was funny, so I became a clown.”

It’s a tough gig to land. Vargas is just one of 25…

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