Great Clown Portraits Are Just The Beginning!!!!

Visit Bump a Nose

Hello Fellow Clown Enthusiast,

I have found a wonderful site I would like to share with all my Clown friends.    Bump A nose

The Bump a Nose community is for anyone involved in the art of clowning. This is a positive place, so please keep your posts, comments and such clean, decent and positive. The mission of Bump a Nose is to LAUGH.
L – Learn from each other
A – Advance the positive image of clowning
U – Unite the global clown community
G – Grow the clowning community
H – Help the world heal with the power of laughter

Even though I am not a clown they were nice enough to let me join and share my art.  I am hopeful I will make some great clown contacts on this site.

Come join me and lets Bump A Nose.


I have been in contact with several artists and Clowns and I have some wonderful interviews coming up for you.  We will get to know some great clowns such as  Toto Johnson, Careful TheClown, Sean Carlock, Richard Fick, Dean Kelley, Leo Action,and Ron Maslanka.   Stay tuned for future posts.

I have been busy painting a clown portrait of Careful TheClown.  The portrait is not done yet, but coming along nicely.  Here is a photo of where I am as of today.

I will finish this painting soon and post a series of images so you can see the progression of the painting.

Until next time Happy Clowning!

Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Clown Artist to the world.

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