Great Clown Portraits Are Just The Beginning!!!!

Rainbow Clown

Rainbow Clown

If you have a love of clowns like myself, but your not in the clown world.  You may not realize what is involved in being a clown.

There is much more going on then the average joe realizes.   Just like it is with anything the deeper you plunge into a particular world the more you find out about it.   I will post a few blogs about clowns and their world next so you can become a little more filmier with them.

I am not a clown but I have a deep seated appreciation to anyone that can bring a laugh to a human being whether they are a child or an adult.  My love started when I was a kid, I was always supposed to be in bed and asleep by 10:00 but that did not sit well with my love of comedy.  After all Johnny Carson didn’t come on till 10:30, so I always tip toed down the hall and hung out behind the couch, so I too could watch the show.  Johnny sometimes had Clowns or Carnival acts on and lots of Comedians.  Unfortunately I sometimes got so involved in the act that I would let out a giggle, which gave me away to my parents and got me sent to bed again…. But I will never forget the images and the laughter they invoked.

Over the years I have often thought I would loved to have been around during the Vaudeville times (, but fortunately for me they were playing Carol Burnett reruns (  during my youth.  I never missed a show this was as close as I could get to Vaudeville.

But alas life is not without hope and Clowns are a great link to the Vaudeville times… They take a gag, site gag or just some stupid great joke and present to you either as a one on one presentation or to a crowd.  They take the chance you will not laugh, but chances are the combination of the wild clothes and hair combined with the over exaggerated  expressions, you will find your self laughing.

Laughter…is the gift that all clowns give to us the normal people in there lives.  This is a wonderful gift and should not be underestimated.

Check out this post on the importance of laughter

I want to thank each Clown I have had the great fortune to come in contact with for the great job you do of bringing laughter to peoples lives.

Please post any stories you may have of how a great clown enriched your life and brought you some laughter.  I look forward to reading them.

Now go watch a clown and have some fun!


Patty Sue O’Hair -Vicknair Artist

Watercolor and Acrylic paintings of clowns from around the world.

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